Abnormal Accommodation Perfect for a Cheap and Unusual Holiday

Unconventional, beautiful, unique and downright strange; these are some of the world’s most unusual hotels.

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Marmara, Turkey

The Marmara hotel in Antalya is an impressive feat of engineering. Floating in an enormous tank of water and aided by six electric motors, the ‘Revolving Loft’ section of the hotel completes a full 360 degree turn, several times a day. Guests of the 24 bedroom annexe are treated to constantly changing scenes, including views of the Mediterranean Sea and of Taurus Mountains.

Incredibly, the revolving annexe is not the only impressive thing about this hotel. The bottommost floors are completely submerged under-water (in the aforementioned tank). The hotel is focused on design and the decor is quite incredible. Amenities include a library, business centre, art gallery and a giant swing.

The Ice Hotel, Sweden

The Ice Hotel has become quite iconic in recent years and has become the go-to destination for intrepid travellers. The hotel is built every October using chunks of ice taken from the River Torne. Everything in the hotel is made from ice, including the beds. Temperatures linger at a cool -5°C but the rooms are decked out in Antarctic-strength sleeping bags and cosy reindeer pelts. This hotel is designed not for comfort or a good night’s sleep, but for design and an exhilarating experience.

Karostas Cietums, Latvia

If you’ve ever wondered what spending a night in a brutal and grim prison was like, then wonder no more. The former naval prison in Karosta, Latvia is now open for business. The prison is more of a theatre than hotel as it offers a selection of interactive performances. “Behind-Bars” is a two-hour performance in which visitors are held at gunpoint and interrogated (by actors, of course). For hardier folk, the “Extreme Night” performances is even more intense and sees ‘guests’ spending a night in cold, bare cells.

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The ice organ in the chapel of the Ice Hotel, Sweden:

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