Celebrities, religious enthusiasts, tourists and everyone else love the worlds glitz and glamour of the world and what is not to love about Dubai? It is has risen to be the premier touristic destination of the world with most of the world’s firsts including the tallest building in the world, the dhow shape Burj Al Arab in the ocean, the largest shopping mall in the world, fine golf courses and golden sandy beach. It is a place that people not only go for the sun but for heat, Dubai gets hot, because it is a desert. Forget about the winter blues and soak up in the glitz and glamour of Dubai.


Bhutan is a tiny landlocked kingdom that lies between India and Tibet and for decades has not been open to tourism up until 1974. It is famous for its unspoilt natural beauty, majestic monasteries and vibrant culture. The Bhutanese people are a happy lot that hold their traditions firmly and still wear their cherished colorful outfits throughout the day. Bhutan is an unusual winter holiday destination with a lot to offer in terms of wildlife, spirituality, adventure and off the beaten track destinations, which the modern world can only dream. Leave the cold and enjoy the warm hospitality and fine weather on a luxury holiday in Bhutan.


The teardrop shaped nation of Sri Lanka may be small but for what it lacks in size it compensates with its glorious sun kissed beaches, numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Parks and ancient temples. It is a tropical paradise where the snow never stops the sun from shining. Whether you want a relaxed holiday, water sports, climbing, safari or food holiday, Sri Lanka makes you forget all about the woes of winter in the other side of the world.


There is no better experience than exploring Japan in the winter. Cherry blossom trees avail, the streets of Tokyo are abuzz and everywhere you look there is something happening. You can then escape to the hills and see snow capped Mount Fuji or stroll through quaint Japanese Gardens. This is the perfect time for a luxury Japan holiday.


Florida is a fantastic sun, sand and fun destination for all kinds of holidays. It goes beyond fulfilling its promise of the sun with its long swathes of sandy beaches and Disney World, which is a dream destination for every kid in the world. Let your family celebrate Christmas in style in the Sun State where the only thing they will miss is the snow.


The massive continent down under is a fantastic destination to escape the chilling cold weather. The weather is usually sunny and you can enjoy its stunning coastlines with spectacular beaches, the wine lands and the unique flora and fauna. It is the ultimate sun lovers’ paradise offering everything from sweeping beaches to snow-capped peaks and everything in between. Those escaping the winter from UK and US will heading right to the Australian summer and enjoy Christmas in summer way across the globe. Though it is a long haul flight, expect it to be worth it as it does more than beat the cold. Some of the major highlights of Australia include the stunning Barrier Reef, the captivating city of Sydney and the great outback. Whether you travel in luxury or on a shoestring in one of these, you’ll be guaranteed a great time in the Aussie sunshine.