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5 Ways To Get More From Your Holiday This Summer


When you travel, you naturally look for the best ways to make your holiday special and there are a number of ways that I have found are good to do this. Here are some of my favourites:


There isn’t quite anything like visiting a new country, town or city with the freedom of driving. You can quite literally go wherever you want and the feeling of the tyres on the open road is a great feeling. When you fly or take a train you can’t see everything and you cannot stop, so driving is the best alternative.

Do something you have been meaning to do

One problem that people have is that they never tend to explore their own country that often and always think about somewhere else. The summer time is the perfect opportunity to get out and do just that. The best thing about this is, of course, that it isn’t so far away and it isn’t so unfamiliar. I am sure there are many things that you always planned to do them and the time to do them is now.

Be spontaneous

Booking holidays can be extremely stressful and all the organising that comes with it is even worse. An amazing thing to do is to just book somewhere and go! This way you forget about the stress and have no expectations, you simply leave some free time to go, book something at a short notice and go. They say that the best things in life are the most unexpected and this is your opportunity to have a great holiday without all the strings attached.

Bring nothing with you

One challenge that we all know about is packing for a trip, but have you ever thought about packing nothing or very little? This is something that can really make your trip interesting because you will have to go out and get everything you need, which can make things very interesting. It is also a great excuse to get some holiday shopping done. This is an exciting and free form way of traveling that I really enjoy.

Go on a surprise holiday

It sounds a little odd, but a surprise holiday is where you don’t know the destination! This is a kind of holiday that you can book online and simply turn up to a port, airport or train station and you find out where you are going from there. This is interesting and extremely exciting and means that you have no plans or expectations of your trip.

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