how to take a good photo
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5 things to look at when choosing your digital camera

It doesn’t matter if you are after a simple compact or an advanced DSLR. Choosing your digital camera is all about your preference, do you want convenience over picture quality or perhaps you want a range of different options. Either way choosing your digital camera will require some research. In the market for a digital camera? Why not consider pricegrabber prices.

how to take a good photo
These are 5 things to look when choosing your digital camera.


First of all you need to know what sort of photographer you are and perhaps more importantly what sort of photographer you wish to be in the future. If you simply wish to have a camera for birthdays, weddings, Christmas then your needs will be greatly different from someone looking to take professional photographs.

You also need to decide the number of megapixels you want in your digital camera.  While this can confuse a lot of people it is quite simple. Often camera makers’ play up the importance of the number of megapixels yet the truth is they only really matter in relation to the size of the photograph – if you are happy with normal size photographs, save your money for other features.

The next thing to consider is how much you’re prepared to spend on a camera, as previously stated it can often seem like you are paying for the extra megapixels. Cameras can range in price from under a £100 to the thousands. Clearly the more money you spend the better quality camera you will be able to buy. Yet, remember to stay within a budget and get the camera you can afford and need.

Ask yourself do you want a straight-up point and shoot or one with the capability of shooting video? If you do want video, check to see if the camera has high-definition video and if it can record sound.

Next consider the exposure and scene modes. The majority of cameras come with an automatic mode – making it easy to shoot great photographs – yet if you wish to expand your photography and get more creative, it’s important to have a manual control. Compare scene modes, again the majority of cameras – particularly point and shoot cameras – will have a plethora of modes, sunset, dusk, snow, landscape, mountains etc.

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