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5 Reasons to choose a River Cruise in Europe

River cruising is nothing like going on a big ocean cruise, it can be a lot more pleasant and relaxed. You don’t have to fear the boat sinking or being stranded and you also don’t have to worry about getting seasick, river cruising is a very laid back affair. There are many reasons to take river cruise in Europe, especially a Paris river cruise which is becoming more and more popular.


Here are 5 very good reasons for you to choose an all inclusive river cruise in Europe


1. Everything is included in the price


When you pay for your river cruise everything that you need is included in the price. Your airport transfers, tips, meals, drinks and everything else such as onshore excursions. From the moment you land and are brought back to the airport nearly everything is taken care of for you.Of course you will be charged to use the facilities onboard such as the phone, laundry service and spa.


2. Excursions are included in the price


It has been mentioned above, but some people don’t realise that all of their onshore excursions are covered in the price of the cruise. This is fantastic because the cruise company usually organises some special outings, the more expensive the cruise the more likely it is that the excursions will be even more special.


3. The food


Of course this will also be included in the price. The food is usually very good on river cruises, most cruises try to use local food and wine in their menu. This means that you’ll still be able to enjoy the local cuisine without stepping off the boat. Breakfast and lunch are usually buffets, dinner is usually more formal. In some cases you will have to dress up in formal evening wear, be sure to check the dress code before you pack! Formal evenings can be great fun and a change from how you normally dine when back home.


4. The sights


You will wind your way down some famous rivers and pass some magnificent sites whilst on your cruise. Travelling on the river means that you will get to see the sights that europe has to offer from a different angle. You will also have the opportunity to go onshore and wander through some of Europe’s most famous cities. Make sure you bring your camera because you will definitely come back with some great holiday snaps to show your friends.


5. Make friends


You will definitely get friendly with other passengers, this is dependent on the length of your cruise. People tend to join each other for meals or pair up when going on the planned excursions. There are now a variety of ages choosing river cruises so it’s easy to mix with other passengers.