5 Places to Go off the Beaten Track This Year


The time has come for you to plan your vacation for this year.  The last thing that you want to do is spend your vacation standing in a queue.  You get enough of that each week at the grocery store.  Do a bit of research before hand and go off the beaten track for a truly amazing vacation.  

  1. Motorcycle Across Vietnam

There are many outfits that offer motorbike tours of Vietnam.  You can ride on the back of an experienced rider or you can ride on your own.  Tours include trips to remote villages in the hills, guided tours through Saigon, stops at beautiful beaches, and other beautiful nature sites.  Immerse yourself in the culture of this fascinating country and head down the road.

  1. Visit The Jungle In Guatemala

If you are thinking of heading off to the jungle you must plan a trip to Guatemala, in particular the Tikal National Park.  The park is 575 square km and there are places to stay and eat.  There is also a shuttle service to transport you around the park and you can join guided tours or hire your own guide.  This ancient Mayan Village flourished from the 6th century B.C. to the 10th century A.D.  and the remaining ruins are astounding.  There are remains of palaces, temples, ancient homes, and ceremonial areas scattered throughout the park.  

  1. Volunteer with Elephants in Sri Lanka

Pinawala Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka is a great place to spend your vacation.  There are close to one hundred elephants that you will get to help on a daily basis.  Your duties will include feeding them, cleaning up after them, and helping in the garden that grows their food.  At the end of each day you can even participate in their bathing ritual at the river.  

  1. Drive Ring Road in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most stunning countries in the world and it has the lowest population density of any country in Europe.  It is a great place to rent a vehicle and head for the road.  Ring Road goes around the outside of this stunning country known for its natural beauty.  There is so much to do in Iceland and you can expect to see stunning sights like active volcanoes, glacier fed lakes, sulphur pools with ever changing colours, waterfalls, glaciers, fjords, black sand beaches, and even the Northern Lights if you go at the right time of year. Take a trip to the capital city of Reykjavik and you will find a friendly city with late night restaurants, fabulous bars, and striking scenery like nowhere else on earth.

  1. Teach English In India

India is a fascinating country with over 5,000 years of history.  English and Hindi are the two official languages.  A lot of children don’t really get a chance to practice their conversational English so that is where your expertise is required.  You can get paid jobs, or volunteer teaching English and the amount of time that you spend is up to you.  There are many options to choose from: you can stay in a rural village, or a large city and you find your own accommodation and get your own meals or find a program that provides accommodation and meals. Do your research before hand and find the best program for you.




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