5 Lesser-Known (but “Must-See”) Cities in Spain

Spain: just the name itself conjures up images of colorful cities, vibrant culture, gorgeous tapas and wine and a buzzing nightlife to keep any kind of traveler more than satisfied. The country has one of the richest histories and cultures in Europe, and more than enough famous cities to roll off the tongue. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Grenada! You could hardly visit them all in one go. But as amazing as these cities are, there are some true gems in Spain that are often overlooked in the hurry to generic uk see the big stars.


An easy 2.5 hour bus ride from Madrid, Salamanca is a young and thriving city home to one of the oldest universities in the world. You’ll be awed by the impressive history and gorgeous medieval sandstone architecture, and your pockets will be glad for the cheap prices! Being a university town, visitors to Salamanca enjoy some of the cheaper prices in Spain. Check out and you’ll be set for accommodations. Go out for a night of partying and you’ll never forget the energy of this city and of Spain.


Can you picture the quaint windmills of Spain, set high on a hill against the blue Spanish skies? Well Consuegra is home to these iconic windmills but hardly anyone knows about this town- so why not put it on your travel list! It’s an easy day trip from Madrid, and an absolutely gorgeous and idyllic spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.


Near the Basque country, Pamplona is a city with a beautiful old center, plenty of shops and cafes and Basque influence in everything from its food to language. The city is well known for the Running of the Bulls (San Fermin) but I encourage you to visit outside of this holiday. The rest of the year, it’s overlooked by tourists so it’s the perfect chance to experience the city authentically.


This is one city that’s often overlooked by both tourists and Spaniards! If you’re into the tapas scene, this is great place. There are tons of “pintxos” bars and the city is known for its blood sausage, morcilla. The city is very historic, with plenty to see and do in its center and also very close by to other towns and cities in the region of northern Spain.


This is an awesome spot in the north of Spain if you’re looking for a city without many tourists, to experience true Spanish life. It’s located smack in the middle of wine country, so you know the wine is going to be amazing. And there’s a thriving tapas scene here too; all you have to do is go out the door and you’ll land on a street with countless “pintxos” bars serving regional tapas and glasses of wine. Try visiting in October when the leaves start to change color. Make sure to take a tour of a winery while you’re there.