5 Best Places for Experiencing Life in the Fast Lane

Some people want a relaxing vacation, while others want to experience something wilder, crazier, and more adventurous than just a more plush version of the everyday. The surest way to the fast lane is to visit a city that makes it easy. Here are some of the hardest-partying cities in the world and what makes them so much fun.

1. Las Vegas, U.S.A.

For decades, Vegas has been where Americans and visitors to the country have gone to have a good time at all hours. The city has it all: casinos, nightclubs, decadent restaurants, and luxury shops. The best part? A lot of the best of all those things can be found under one roof! Las Vegas earns its reputation as the party city of the United States every night.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Club kids, look no further than this Spanish island’s vast array of amazing party venues. Ibiza is where celebrities, socialites, and everyday people on wild vacations go to dance, drink, and have a great time. The island is known primarily for its nightclubs, but it’s also a vibrant, multicultural community that brings delicious food, fashion, and trends from all over the world. Hitting the beach during the day and the clubs at night has never been sweeter.

3. Taipei, Taiwan

There are a lot of great party cities in East Asia, but big names like Bangkok and Seoul can end up feeling cheap and watered down because of the flood of tourists that favor such locales. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, has everything great about East Asian nightlife with almost none of the touristy flatness. Awesome, inexpensive eats at vibrant night markets make perfect pre-funk food, then the surprisingly affordable upscale clubs make it easy to party all night without breaking the bank.

4. Miami, U.S.A.

image via Flickr by interbeat

There’s a lot to love about nightlife in Miami, but the biggest draw has to be the way the clubs and bars integrate seamlessly with the wild beaches. The South Beach neighborhood is where the hottest clubs can be found, but it’s also dazzling just to cruise the city’s streets. There’s nothing like riding down Brickell Avenue when the sun goes down to see the bright, colorful lights of the city.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Nobody does after-hours like the Danes. The crazy draw of Copenhagen isn’t just the Viking-level party atmosphere of the locals – it’s the fact that the party doesn’t stop until brunch. Copenhagen’s “morning bars” pick up where the regular spots leave off, opening at 3 a.m. and serving until 10 a.m. There’s nothing like sleeping late, partying hard until well after the sun comes up, then recharging with a hearty Danish breakfast when it’s all said and done.

These are just a few of the hottest party cities in the world. They’re great places to start, but if you want to live like a rock star and never slow down, keep exploring and you’re sure to find a variety of amazing stops along life’s fast lane.