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4 Things That Happen When You Become A Tutor

Tutoring has long been a great way of both learning and teaching. Being a tutor garners up many benefits both personally and professionally.  Whatever your reason for tutoring is, be it money, to spruce up your resume or to help someone improve a skill you have already mastered, there are plenty of personality traits and qualities that will naturally begin manifest in your daily life. The world certainly needs more tutors, but it’s not just the students who benefit. Here’s a look at four things that will happen if you decide to become a tutor in Hong Kong.


You develop great amounts of patience


It’s easy to forget that you didn’t just all of a sudden know everything you now know. You had to be taught.  When you begin to tutor students on how to attain a certain skill and language, academic subjects, music or otherwise, you’ll remember what it was like going home and studying and the amount of time it takes to really grasp a concept. Being the teacher you will find that patience is key.


You will become more persistent

If at first you don’t succeed; try, try and try again. Everyone can learn, they have to have a willingness obviously, but everyone is capable. If a student just isn’t grasping what you are demonstrating you need to be adaptable in teaching to their style. You’ll see as a tutor that a student’s success is reflected directly upon you, the teacher. This will drive you to be a great educator.


You will develop greater leadership qualities

Making the transition from a student to a teacher isn’t always easy. Being a tutor and preparing for a one on one class setting is a lot less frightening than teaching an entire class. Tutoring will give you the confidence you need to become comfortable educating others. The setting is very relaxed and you can iron out your teaching method without judgment or ridicule. Gaining confidence as a leader in your subject or field is rewarding both on a personal level as well as a professional level in the future.


You will realize you actually enjoy the subject you are tutoring

Study, Study, Study. It starts to become monotonous and repetitive. It’s easy to begin losing a passion for your academics. But when you take your knowledge and pass it on to someone else with a willingness to learn, it sparks a new eagerness to relay your knowledge on the subject.  


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