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3 ways to finance your next trip

Travelling is awesome! Forget school, forget work… the best way to enrich your knowledge is to travel. OK a week or 2 in good old Benidorm, Faliraki or even Sharm El Sheikh is nice, but it isn’t really getting into the thick of seeing another culture. More often than not you’ll be stuck with likeminded compatriots who only want to sit by the beach and down a pew pints… especially if they’re British or Aussie (but in the Aussie case it’s Bali, Phuket or Fiji). So to avoid another stereotypical Aussie/Brit abroad holiday here are a couple of tips to raise the cash to ensure your next trip is truly epic!

john ward travel

Sell all your belongings

You could always sell your car, house, computer etc (all the important stuff) to get you over the line so you have enough funds to travel but it is a tad bit extreme. That said the humble home is a treasure trove of things the you can sell straight away for cash. Don’t have a use for certain types of clothes… well there are companies that’ll pay for your clothes by the kilo. How about doing a garage sale, you never know your rubbish could be someone else’s treasure.

Get a Personal Loan

Personal loans for that epic trip are all dependant on how soon you really want to travel. The big tip with a personal loan is that you need to pay it back, which is fine if you have income coming in while you’re away, then it’s fine but if you won’t have income to cover your travel while away then its something you might have to think hard about.

Have a Savings plan in place

A savings plan can be tough to do initially but if you have enough discipline and determination and goal to get to your destination by a certain period of time it’s all worth the wait. At the end of the day, patience is a virtue!




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