3 Great Reasons To Visit Shimla This Year

If like me you love traveling in India then Shimla has to be on your list. It’s a magical city, each time I go back there I fall more in love with the place. It has something for every type of traveller; couples, solo travelers, groups and families.


After you’ve experienced the chaos of the large cities such as Mumbai and Delhi, a visit to a place with clean air, beautiful scenery and open spaces is very much welcome! Shimla is located in the lower parts of the Himalayas, at around an altitude of 2200m Shimla is low enough for you not to feel the force of altitude sickness. It’s situated in the north which means that it has a cold temperature and if you visit during the winter you’ll be able to have a white christmas in the snow. The weather appeals to me because the cities can sometimes be extremely hot and sweaty, so being able to throw on a jumper, socks and shoes is a real luxury.


There are so many things to love about this beautiful city, but here are 3 reasons why I think everyone heading to India needs to include a stop in Shimla.


No Traffic in the centre

Due to it’s location at the top of a ridge, you have to use a wooden staircase in order to reach the town centre. It’s really nice being able to stroll around without having to worry about the traffic and people blowing their horns non stop. It’s also really interesting to see how the local people transport the goods to the town centre, with no roads the only way is on horseback or by good old fashioned man power. It’s amazing how strong the guys are, you’ll see them carrying some seriously heavy loads on their backs.


The accommodation

You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a gorgeous view wherever you stay in Shimla. There’s something here for all types of traveller, by doing a little research before you leave you’ll be able to find a room within your budget. You can choose from the backpacker dorms to high end luxury hotels. I have stayed in various Shimla hotels and I am yet to be disappointed; the staff, rooms, food and facilities are always brilliant.


Neverending mountain views

If you’re a hiker then you’ll fall in love with Shimla because there are plenty of hiking trails for you to explore. They’ll give you some great views along the way so don’t forget to charge your camera so you can snap some great memories. If hiking isn’t your thing and you prefer to relax then you can either park up in a lovely tea shop or take in the views as you stroll aroudn the quaint town centre.



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