Piggyback is none other than chiptuning

Maybe you, even most people, don’t know what piggyback is. Piggyback is none other than chiptuning. We take the outline that piggyback is a microcomputer-based tool used on cars with injection technology where it’s all controlled by a unit called ECU (electronic control unit) or ECM (engine control module).Piggyback is actually an additional tool to […]


The Enduring Appeal of Soller’s Classic Wooden Tram

As the largest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca (also spelled Mallorca) has something to offer everyone. Easily accessible from across Europe, Majorca is a favourite for families, couples and friends of all ages. You might think Majorca best for hanging by the pool or dancing all night, but I am here to tell you that […]


Camping in Style

Camping, it seems has undergone a bit of a makeover in recent years. The traditionalists will argue that for a ‘real’ camping holiday you have to squeeze yourself into your lightweight, portable two man tent and do your cooking on a single ring gas burner. However, many people are now choosing a slightly more luxurious […]


New World Hotel

Beijing, formally known as Peking, is the bustling capital city of the new modern China and has a cultural heritage spanning over 3000 years. Situated at the heart of this vast city in  Chongwenmen, close to the buzzing commercial area of Wangfujing, is the city’s first five star premises, the New World Hotel. With many […]