5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Well-Being

Health is one of those topics that everyone knows is important, but many people end up putting off or procrastinating on because their lives are so busy. Maybe you have a few healthy practices, but there are some areas or habits that are just too hard to break. Healthy well-being is a balance of health […]

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Top destinations in Europe for outdoor activities

Europe really does have it all when it comes to outdoor activities, there are destinations for every season. Whether you prefer hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter there is something here for everyone. You can head to the alps or to a coastal town for some great summer activities. The thing that […]


A Jaunt through Wine Country: Love in Queenstown, NZ

Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote “Wine is bottled poetry”. If the two of you share a mutual admiration for good literature and quality spirits, this quote is bound to resonate with you. Indulge in one of these shared passions on a holiday trip to Queenstown, New Zealand! Queenstown, Gibbston Valley and the Central Otago region […]


Want a free Kite Surfing holiday? Here’s the competition for you!

I’ve got some quick questions for you lovely people; have you ever been kite surfing? Have you ever been to Essaouira, Morocco? Would you like to do both of these things and have someone else pay for it? I know that regardless of your first two answers the last answer 99.9% of the time is […]


The 12 most popular IT certification resources

IT certifications are like an Open Sea in which more is the fishermen skilled, more is his chances to catch a bounty of fishes around. In the transitory world of IT market in which the employee with the edge gets the money and respect, these certifications fulfil a pretty much similar purpose. According to CompTIA, […]


Hidden Gems in Helsinki

Are you looking for a different kind of travel destination, that’s off the regular beaten path? Do you have an adventurous spirit and a love for the outdoors? Consider Helsinki, Finland for your next holiday! It’s an easy flight from most places in Europe, and you can get great airfare deals here. Helsinki is full […]


Top Things to See and Do in Tenerife

When you visit Spain, you probably already know about the major destinations like Barcelona and Madrid. But you can’t miss out on one of Spain’s greatest island locations, Tenerife! It’s the largest Canary Island and absolutely packed with everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. Whether you’re in the mood to relax, explore, get active […]


7 Top Spots in Western Australia  

While places like Sydney, Melbourne, or the Great Barrier Reef tend to be the most well-known destinations in Australia, the state of Western Australia has plenty to offer as well. From the state’s capital city Perth, and the wine region of the Margaret River, to pretty Rottnest Island or the port city of Bunbury, there […]


Visit Western Australia for some unique wildlife experiences  

There are many great reasons to visit Western Australia, but one thing you may not be aware of is just what a wealth of wildlife it has. There’s always something new for us to discover. Marvelous marsupials What’s the first animal you think of when you picture Australia? For me, it’s a kangaroo. There are […]


Four Unusual Experiences to Seek Out In South America

Picture the scene. You’re sitting in the living room of a close friend or family member. They’ve just come back from a trip. They’ve been telling you all about it for what feels like an age. They’re passing around the photos. You’re flicking through them. Surprise, surprise – they’re the same old boring tourist hotspots. […]


Channel your inner Indiana Jones at the world’s top historical sites  

If you’re something of a history buff and enjoy learning about the past during breaks away from home, take a look at our selection of some of the world’s best locations for honing your heritage knowledge. From Peru to Belize, we explore some of the most historical sites on the globe. Caracol Ruins An awe-inspiring […]