Top 5 Things to Do in Munich  

A trip to Munich is like a trip back in time. This Bavarian city is the perfect combination of quaint and modern, with enough to satisfy any traveler’s desire for adventure, culture and gastronomy! It’s a cultural hub for museums, palaces, architecture and of course, beer! So book your flight to Munich now and start […]


Top Tips for a Trekking Holiday

Trekking is an activity that can be an incredibly fulfilling and adventurous way to spend a holiday. It’s not for the faint of heart and mind, as trekking takes stamina and endurance, both physical and mental. If you’re up for the challenge, you can cross a very impressive feat off your list, especially if you […]

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Top 4 laws of travelling in your 20’s

If ever there was a suitable time to head off and see the world, free yourself from responsibility and the mundane 9 to 5 lifestyle, it’s in your 20’s. And many people do! They finish university and hit the road, taking a well earned break and experiencing all that life has to offer. In life […]

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Don’t miss out on Wimbledon

One of the great parts of being in the UK, whether you’re just visiting on a trip, or you’re living and working here, is being able to take part in some British traditions. One thing that absolutely sums up a certain part of British life is the Wimbledon tennis championships, which take place every June […]


How to Make a Living On the Road

Work and travel: you’ve heard of other people doing it, and now you want to make it your reality. Gone are the days where you’re satisfied getting up for the same job every day, working 8 till 5 and coming home to do it all again. You’re looking for an adventure, for a life that […]


Aldeburgh in pictures  

The beautiful country town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk is famous for sculpture, The Maltings, Benjamin Britten and a spectacular shingle beach. Whether you stay in the town itself or visit the surrounding countryside, you’ll want to return in the future to sample all that this town has to offer. Here we look at the beautiful […]


Retirement: the chance for adventure  

Retirement is what every working man and woman dreams of throughout their career. There are very few people who love their work so much that they wish to carry on after they reach the age of retirement. Most people spend years planning for the day they can enjoy their homes and travel at their leisure. […]


Top Equipment You Need for an Adventure Holiday

Planning to turn your holiday into an adrenaline-filled adventure? Are you one of those people who isn’t happy unless you’re active and sweaty at least once per day? While most people might consider a holiday to be a time to relax and sit by the beach, you need activity to make your holiday worthwhile. You […]


When the Lights Are Down: How Vienna Is More Than a Movie Set  

The Third Man, Before Sunrise, The Living Daylights, Amadeus, even a couple of episodes of 80s TV series Dallas — what they have in common is that they were just some of the many film productions shot in Vienna. With its opulent palaces, intricately carved fountains and sculptures, streets full of character and its gorgeous setting along the […]