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When looking into which luxury safari camp or lodge you want to stay at you will see the word ‘view’ mentioned many times. Most lodges and camps have been built with an elevated position overlooking the bush and its inhabitants below. There are certain places which offer such breathtaking views that you have to sit […]


Review: Best Route Optimizer Pro

Road trips are one of those quintessentially awesome trips that you’ll always remember. It’s one of the best ways to see a country, because you really get the chance to stop in places you couldn’t on a bus or train, and you really just get to enjoy the journey itself as the destination. If you’ve […]


Unusual Things to do in New York City

For tourists and locals alike, New York City is a mind-blowing experience popping with color, sights, smells, sounds and more things to do than you could pack into a whole year or more. So if you’re here to visit, it’s wise to plan out some things you want to see and do so you don’t […]


Cheap eats in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful place for a weekend break, or a week-long holiday, whether you’ve got oodles of cash to splash or are on something of a shoestring budget. That’s one of the best things about the Spanish city – it really does cater for everyone. We’re going to have a look at Barcelona’s culinary […]


Africa’s Scientific Independence and Business Growth

Africa is a continent with one of the richest and oldest histories, and has faced so many challenges over the centuries. And this continent so steeped in culture and tradition is now coming out as a major contender in science, business and trade. As modern technology reaches the hands of prominant African scientists, it provides […]


Great tips for car journeys

As the summer months get closer I know that we will all start to prepare for some great days out with our family and friends. Sometimes we like to be really adventurous and travel across the country to to get a real change of scenery and make it feel like we are escaping all of […]


You don’t need to be in Brazil to be part of the World Cup

You may not be anywhere near Brazil in June this year, but you’re never going to be too far away from football World Cup coverage on the TV. This year sees the 20th FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil for the second time in the tournament’s history. The last time Brazil hosted the competition […]


Catch two great tennis tournaments in Europe

If you’re travelling in Europe during the summer, there are two fantastic tennis events that run almost back to back in May and June that happen to take place in two of the world’s most exciting cities – Paris and London. First off, in the last week of May and first week of June, there’s […]


Top Venues Around The World For A Same-Sex Honeymoon  

Although, in general, ignorance is lessening about same-sex marriage and people are more widely accepting it as a norm, any gay couple will have a horror story about staying in a hotel or venue together and being treated badly. When you’re on your honeymoon, this kind of negativity is the last thing you need. The […]


Experiencing art around the world

Experiencing art around the world   Art is everywhere around us. It is a beautiful expression of individuality and takes many styles, shapes, and forms. While there are many forms of art to view locally, traveling outside of your home country gives you the ability to see and experience a variety of different styles of […]


Cultural diversity in food around the world

So much food, so little time. Around the globe, authentic cooks and chefs are whipping up amazing foods, just waiting for people like you to come out and try them! If you are interested in tasting some amazing local cuisine, here are a few places to keep in mind when booking your travels:     […]


Tamworth Festival Feeds Fans, Artists

The New South Wales summer sun has set on another edition of the Tamworth Country Music Festival, one of Oz’s premiere events for country music. As the dust settles, there’s time to reflect on this year’s event and what makes the fans–and the musicians–flock to this venerable venue year after year. The key to any […]