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6 tips to do road trips in style  

Everyone wants to do it before they hit 30, right? Even those who can’t drive – and there’s always one who’ll tag along. Yes, I’m talking about a road trip! Driving down the long and winding roads, with the wind in your hair/beard/bald head (sorry), you can go where you like with only the speed […]

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Road trips around Europe

Grab some good friends or family, pack a bag and get on the road! Road trips are the ideal way to spend some time away whilst soaking up a range of scenery that you wouldn’t normally see on a regular holiday; it gives you the freedom to explore new spots you come across and immerse […]


Top 5 Affordable Safaris

Going on safari is an adventure holiday like none other. But if you’re not careful, this type of holiday can add up really quickly. Many African safaris can cost $800-1000 a night on average. Bring the whole family and you’re looking at a very pricey trip. But what if it was possible to go on […]


Top 5 Places To Visit Before You Hit 30

Even for the most avid traveller, there are some places that simply must be experienced in the rush of youth. So, before you hit the big 3-0, have a ganders at this little list of the top 5 destinations all must see… Giza, Egypt Last Ancient Wonder of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza […]


A Balanced Getaway in Bodrum

Exotic. Historic. Beach. Bars. Affordable. These words rarely feature together when describing an ideal holiday destination. Sure, you can find beaches and bars but no history or culture. And usually when exotic, historic and beaches are involved, the concept of affordability flies out the window. That is until you visit Bodrum, Turkey. Bodrum offers a […]

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Marrakech: Luxury living and great sights

Marrakech is one of the best places that I have been lucky enough to visit. WIth it’s beautiful mosques, unique handicrafts and upmarket accommodation it is the ideal tourist destination. The luxury accommodation does not need to come at a steep price because Marrakech hotels are known for offering great value. You will be blown away […]