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5 Places to visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is known for it’s diversity, with it’s fabulous beaches, perfectly clear sea, sunshine and activities it has something for everyone! It is no wonder that millions of tourists head to this fabulous Mediterranean island year after year. There really is no end of things to do and see here, if you are one of […]


Great reasons to visit Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the best tourist designations on the planet, the luxury on offer there is simply mind blowing. There are a variety of top hotels to stay in, is one of the best hotels on offer. There are now regular flights flying direct to Mauritius from nearly every major airport in the world, […]


Prolong the Christmas spirit with a trip to Lapland

Although the festive season is a time of joy and sharing, every year it is over almost as soon as it has arrived. Once Boxing Day is done and dusted, we experience that all too familiar feeling of dread – January is on its way. That’s why booking a cheap holiday after the Christmas period […]


Why Do Women Wear Wigs

Teen Girl’s Birthday Party Whether it’s for parties, or to hide baldness, wigs will always be in demand and a wigmaker will never run out of business. I personally started wearing wigs back in 2001 I am not suffering from hair loss however I was pregnant at the time and wanted an easy and convenient […]


The Reasons That African American Women Favor Braids And Tips For You

Chicago African American Issues First of all, the best thing about synthetic wigs would be that there isn’t much to maintain about them. There are various ways for a woman to cover her hair and very often, non-Jewish people who don’t know about this commandment will often not notice that Jewish ladies do it because […]


Top 5 Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a country filled with enchanting cities, beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and so much more. It’s bound to be a vacation you will never forget. While Istanbul is top for most people’s itineraries in Turkey, it is by no means the only destination in the country worth visiting. While you’re here, make sure you […]


The Gem of Europe – Travel Italy, Rome, Pizza and everything in-between

If you decide to take a holiday in Italy, make sure you do as the locals do and embrace the beautiful life or la dolce vita. Italy packs a lot of punch into its boot shaped peninsula, with thousands of years of history, culture, beautiful landscapes and delicious food; your senses will be overwhelmed with […]


Wigs For Cancer Patients

Wigs For Cancer Patients Wigs are widely used all over the world to cover up serious hair problems or to help people change their look. Men Wigs Emilia Clarke is not the only one who enjoys having flowing light blonde hair, thousands of women from around the world are buying their own Khaleesi wigs so […]


The craziest experience I had overseas

It’s always fun to talk to people about their craziest experiences or the wild and wonderful things that they have done. It’s never good to hear about how these people have no insurance, that is madness! Before you travel anywhere you should always have some super travel insurance. Check out if you’re looking for some […]