Tourist Attractions in Perth

Australia, the land of wonders where the dreams of nature lovers come true, it’s a vast country that has it all. That said, the charming city of Perth in Western Australia is a must stop destination where to link the wild outback and the urban livelihood. Perth has been a magnet for southern Asians who […]

backpacking in lisbon
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Why Sailing the Aurora from Mumbai Could be the Best Cruise You'll Ever Take

Whether you are a seasoned cruise traveller, or a cruise virgin looking for your first luxury experience, the 25-day cruise offering from P and O cruises, travelling from Mumbai in India, back to Southampton, could be cheap viagra canada a great experience. If you’re looking for a cruise that touches on some of the world’s most […]

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Watching your waist line on holiday in Benidorm

One by-product of the convenience and luxury of the package holiday is that some holidaymakers tend to pile on the pounds after enjoying a week or two of gluttony in the summer. This is hardly surprising given the quality of the food most hotels put on these days, particularly when travelling with a decent operator like Co-op […]

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Culture Shock

Culture shock is a common phenomenon among expats. It’s difficult to define a precise meaning, but here are some ways to recognise it and deal with it so that it impacts as little as possible on your transition to a new culture: Recognising culture shock Usually within the first few months of living in a […]


3 Best Wildlife Encounters in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country of extreme beauty and startling contrasts. From the bustling city vibe of Kuala Lumpur to the idyllic island paradise of Langkawi, there’s an experience for every kind of traveller. It is also a country rich in a varied range of wildlife, and there are plenty of tours available for those who […]

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Saving money abroad with a credit card

When travelling overseas and using your credit card it’s likely you’ll be charged when you make purchases and withdraw cash from an ATM. It can be difficult to keep a close eye on your transactions – but it’s increasingly important to avoid the surprise of any foreign transaction fees you weren’t expecting. So when considering credit […]


Things to do in Maui

Maui is known as “The Magic Isle”, something visitors to the second largest of the Hawaiian islands will discover within hours of stepping foot on Maui. Whether it is watching a whale breach off the coast Lahaina, standing above the clouds at the top of Halekala or marvelling at the numerous waterfalls as you navigate […]

The Best Safari Parks in Africa
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Safari Parks For First Timers!

When planning for your first anything, it’s hard to know what to pack. A safari adventure is exciting, but it’s all unfamiliar territory. We created this guide to make organising your suitcase a cinch and to give you a better idea of what to expect, once you embark on your first safari holiday. Safari Seasons […]

Picking up the Pyraminds

Cairo uncovered: a visitors' guide

The capital of Egypt, Cairo is an absolutely amazing place to explore. Every turn in the road leads you to exciting historical buildings, bustling bazaars and the sumptuous smells of local cooking. With the Nile running through it and the awe-inspiring sight of the pyramids standing vigil just outside, I think Cairo is the ultimate […]

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14 Pieces of Advice From the Expats

If there’s one thing that new expats need that experienced expats can offer, it’s advice. This will vary according to country but some fundamentals will definitely remain a constant. Ways to meet locals, tips for dealing with homesickness and getting involved with your new life. 1. Don’t spend all your time Skyping home. You live […]

alicante spain

Discover all that Alicante offers

You may have already passed through one of the best holiday spots in Spain, on your way to some other, supposedly trendier Spanish destination. If you think of Alicante solely in terms of its airport, you’re missing out. The only difficult thing about holidaying in Alicante is deciding what to do each day. Bask in […]