Vacation In Munich Tips

Taking a trip to Munich is one of the best ways to reward yourself. This vibrant city in Germany features a myriad of fascinating sites and exciting activities to enjoy. In case you need to find a great place to stay in Munich check out Munich vacation rentals on Live Like a German. There are […]


Eating One’s Way Through Tuscany Holidays

There are a number of traditional vacation packages that people fall in love with when they are looking into a more guided way of exploring the rolling countryside of Tuscany, Italy’s most famous region. For the more athletic, the option to spend a Tuscany holiday bicycling through vineyards is incredibly appealing, and an option that […]

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Marine Trailers

So you have decided to buy yourself a boat – this can be a great was to spend your time and it is a dream many people have but now you should consider the other items you will need to purchase, such as a marine trailers. Choosing one can be a tricky choice. There are […]


The Souq Experience

Whichever city you decide to visit on your Morocco holidays, your experience will be less than complete if you have not ventured into a souq, or North African marketplace. Some travellers report that they have had to buy an extra suitcase to accommodate for the gorgeous, inexpensive loot they have acquired in some of Morocco’s […]

Bodrum Peninsula

A Guide to Luxury Breaks in Turkey

Turkey will always possess the allure that comes from the fact that it is the only country in the world where the Middle East truly meets Europe. No other country can match the way it reconciles modern Europe with traditional and exotic Arabic and Mediterranean culture. There are many reasons as to why luxury holidays in […]

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Remote Islands of the World

From the furthest flung corners of this world there are islands so remote and so distant from civilisation that you would struggle to find them on a map. Tropical beaches to ice-filled hell-holes, the reality of solitude is a lot different from the Robinson Crusoe or Castaways suggests. These terrifying landfalls can invoke fear but […]


Hotel Location is Vital in Magaluf

There are several factors which can turn a good holiday hotel into a great one, ranging from the quality of the facilities to the standard of the rooms, and of course we all have our own individual opinions on whether a particular establishment scores well or badly in any of these categories. However, there is […]

Bungle Bungle range, Australia

Discover the hidden gems and getaways of Australia

Australia is of course a gigantic country and often, when choosing it as the destination of your holiday, many itineraries end up looking very similar. Obvious highlights such as the Great Barrier Reef and the world-famous harbour city of Sydney are certainly not to be missed, but there are many other magnificent spectacles that you […]

Oslo, Norway

News and tips from an insider – Oslo

If you’ve never been to Oslo, make it a point to put it at the top of your travel list. Oslo is one of the most beautiful, diverse, and entertaining cities in Europe. I love this particular brand of medicines! . Canadian drugs are only shipped from our affiliated Canadian dispensary. Everything from high-class nightlife […]

johnny ward acropolis greece

Greece: A little bit of everything

Greece is a country with something for everyone. Whether you are seeking a vibrant city, a peaceful trip into the countryside, or an unforgettable beach vacation, the mainland and its adjoining islands have what you need for the holiday of a lifetime. With hundreds of cheap deals including free child places in 2013, Greece is an […]

money on your travels
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Traveling on a budget

Planning a trip on a budget can require a lot of effort if you want to get everything just right, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Airline ticket aggregators and booking engines like on provide easy ways to find good prices, and you can also look for great deals directly from […]