The 12 most popular IT certification resources

IT certifications are like an Open Sea in which more is the fishermen skilled, more is his chances to catch a bounty of fishes around. In the transitory world of IT market in which the employee with the edge gets the money and respect, these certifications fulfil a pretty much similar purpose. According to CompTIA, a person with a certification match able with an entry-level certification of a company may get a 10 per cent premium when asked while certifications of higher values can crack up to 40 per cent. These verifications not only provide a professional an edge but can also equally help a novice to elevate to learning professional. From hard-core IT professionals to young minds exploring the market, these certifications are for everyone at every level. IT certification resources are equally important than the certifications itself. However it is very important to shell out money to the best resource. To rate a resource, following parameters should be considered:

  • Experience
  • Market Value
  • Quality and validation of certifications
  • Success in the market

Evaluating and listing vendors on this basis can make execution easier and how. Some IT certification resources that can help boost up your power of CV are as follows:


It is undoubtedly one of the most sought after vendors for the certification process. The value of its certification at hand and the acquisition of it double the chances of job seeking aspirants to jump to the top of CV pile and grab the job with flying colours. SAP also offers logos and IDs to people who cracked it in order to embellish their qualification pool. It has become so crucial that some companies consider it to be the entry level certification to apply for certain reputed jobs.


Microsoft is a name in the IT market where less is more. Microsoft systems have its span over the entire world in products and software that apparently makes job seeking aspirants to make their aim of life to be “Microsoft certified”. With their certifications like MCTS AND MCSE, they ensure a handsome salary package to those who nailed it and validation and reputation as an extra feather added to the cap.


These vendors have over 10 years of experience in the IT market and customers approximately 98,000.they have proven their expertise over time with 78% more cost effective training than the traditional training methods.


The name is enough .There are two certifications namely, Apple certified Support Professional(ACSP) and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator(ACTC) respectively which provide the professional with the technical skill set to deal with apple products or a mix of operating systems.


A tech-giant in the field of networking, these are the vendors that provide with three levels of being a CISCO Certified Network professional. They have provided the three levels (in order)-CCNA, CCNP and CCIE for the individuals who want to establish their domain in the world of networking.CCIE, is however at a very advanced stage with a total of only 38k CCIEs worldwide in 2012.


The company is providing technical training for the IT certifications.They have extensive pools of question prepared by their experts and answers and labs for VCP550 exam, 642-813 or the ccna security dumps exam.


They have over 50,000 certified professionals worldwide working and claiming their qualification from them. They are the leaders in the security build up set offering decent salaries.


The technology of virtualisation provides many servers to operate on a single computer. This means heavy server congestion and need off professionals to channelize the work system. Hence the need of VMware professionals is rising tremendously. Many companies even give high packages at an entry level certification from this vendor. This vendor ensures success rate at virtualisation market and complementary provision on the cutting edge technology of VMWare workstation.


They are a standard in 802.11 wireless technologies and offer certifications like CWTS, CWNA and CWNE.


They provide Juniper Network Certification Program (JNCP) which is a multi-tiered program dealing with technical and hands on lab exams to validate professionals.


Famously known as HP, they provide amalgamation of technical and skill based set and highly focussed exam training to elevate the status of a professional. They provide certification training in various areas like networking and cloud computing.


They boast of a secure 256-bit database encrypted and authenticated with a SSL certificate. The credentials of a user are kept confidential and not revealed to any third party. Testking provide a sea of questions to choose from and update their question pool on a regular basis. They charge nominal fees per month for unlimited access and utilisation of their gold and silver exam preparation packages.


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