10 Most Romantic Destinations for Two


There are many beautiful places for lovers with a special romantic energy. They attract couples in love. Men make a declaration of love to their date ladies in those places. We found the 10 most romantic destinations for two.


  1.       Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Turkey

It is a fantastic place. You can get there only by sea from the beach in Oludeniz. The picturesque nature with mountains, waterfalls and the small cozy beach are perfect for a joint walk. The waterfall is especially great in the summer heat.  


  1.       Annapurna Base Camp, Himalayas, Nepal

If you ever promised to give your woman a star, then you could do it on the “roof of the world”. Base Camp Annapurna is located at an altitude of about 4,130 meters at the foot. It’s hard to understand what inspires so much: crystal clear fresh air or incredible happiness.

  1.       Bay of Aphrodite

According to mythology, the goddess of love came out of the deep sea here. When you see the unimaginable beauty of the sunset, you will believe in this story. They say that beautiful Aphrodite was preparing for dates at the foot of the overhanging rock: she took spring baths with the aroma of eucalyptus.

  1.       Chamonix, France

Lovers of skiing can choose the most romantic resort Chamonix. This charming alpine village is situated in France, at the foot of the glaciers of Mont Blanc. Here come couples who love serenity and solitude. There are no noisy parties, only leisure, harmony and a pleasant ski holiday.

  1.       Neist Point Lighthouse, Skye Island, Scotland

Arrange a romantic trip to the end of the world. Every girl will scream with delight from such a surprise. Well, of course, you will not accommodate exactly in the lighthouse. The westernmost point of the island of Skye is characterized by minimal infrastructure. But this is cool! The lighthouse and the sea are in general something incredible from the point of view of concentration of feelings, sensations, and emotions.

  1.       Maldives

A tour to the Maldives is classy! It creates the impression that they are created for loving people who don’t need anything other than each other’s society – snow-white sand, graceful palm trees, azure sea, spa treatments and silence around.

  1.       Paris, France

We can’t bypass one of the most romantic cities in the world speaking about love. Of course, we are talking about Paris. Love is elevated to the rank of an unshakable value here and the air is filled with the warmest feeling that will save the world! In Paris, every day is a day of love. So it doesn’t matter when you decide to visit this city of hope and love. In any case, romance is fully guaranteed. Ua brides love this city very much.

  1.       Venice, Italy

There has been a long struggle between Paris and Venice for the right to be called the “most romantic place” on earth. However, the choice is only up to lovers. This city will give the opportunity to listen to the magnificent serenades, make a small trip in the gondola, swim under the bridges, and kiss every time. You will never forget these wonderful holidays.

  1.       Northern Lights in Sweden

If you don’t like beaches, then we suggest that you enjoy the true miracle of the world – the northern lights in the small town of Karesuando in Sweden. Snow and forests of Lapland will surround you, and above the head will be a northern glow. Also, Brides stars recommend you to ride a dog sled, go to the reserve with deer and snowmobile safaris.

  1.   Copenhagen, Denmark

If you don’t want to fly far, romance can be found in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Romance is everywhere here. You will not even notice how time flies. You will be surrounded by stunning architecture, bicycles and small streets in the city center. And you will be with a loved one nearby!


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