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10 Reasons to visit South Africa

South Africa is such a fantastic country, it has to be a must see and on every bucket list.

are becoming increasingly popular. Here are ten reasons why you should visit South Africa.

Budget travel

WIth everyone watching their spending these days, South Africa offers a great place to take your holiday. Even on a budget you will be able to afford to stay in luxury and have funds left over to buy souvenirs and go on day trips.


South Africa is famous for it’s natural beauty and the picturesque scenery. You will be able to check out Table Mountain, God’s Window, forests, sweeping coastlines and deserts, there is more than enough to fulfil even the most avid traveller.

The Weather

South Africa is soaked in sun all year round, this allows for people to enjoy one of the many beaches that are spread along over 3,000 kilo meters of coastline, play golf and go on safaris. You will definitely get the sunshine you require to go home with the tan you want.


If you want to see wildlife in it’s natural habitat then South Africa is the place for you, you can see all types of animals here. If you go with the family your kids will love the experience, it is almost like being part of your own wildlife documentary.


The history here is well publicised, the nation’s struggle for freedom has been well documented. The late Nelson Mandela led the fight for freedom, when you visit the museums and speak to the involved in the struggle it will leave you speechless and inspired by what has taken place in South Africa.


South Africa is often know as the rainbow nation, this is because there is such a great mix of african and immigrant culture on show. There are 11 official languages here, you can have fun trying to speak them all with the very friendly locals that will welcome you with open arms.


There is a variety of activities for you to experience in South Africa, you can experience everything from history, culture, adventure, wildlife and many more. There is something for everyone, the only problem you will have is finding enough time to fit in all in to your holiday!


You are going to eat some of the best food you will ever try when you get to South Africa. You can have everything from local food to upmarket international cuisine.